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About Us

In June 2000, a few Belizean Americans organized a meeting intended to introduce the concept of a new charitable organization that was soon after formed as Belize Cultural Foundation (“BCF”).

Presently, the primary source of raising funds for the organization has been through the success of the “Belize Independence Day Celebration Dance” and “Fiesta At The Park” events. These annual events, as of date have been the largest “turn out” of Belizeans in Los Angeles, throughout the years.


BCF’s immediate goal is to extend the Youth Soccer League programs throughout the entire country of Belize and to incorporate a “girls” soccer league.

It is our vision for the future to be able to put forward and build community centers where all children can share in unity, develop character, confidence, purpose and commitment on becoming outstanding citizens of Belize.


The Belize Cultural Foundation is a 501 (C) 3 philanthropic organization of concerned Belizean Americans united to promote the economic advancement of the Belizean community, with a focus on economic and educational empowerment, and public advocacy to improve the quality of life in Belize and the United States.

Statement of Principles

Belize Cultural Foundation is organized on the principle that Belizean American business persons have the responsibility to lead the process of building the forms of capital most crucial to Belizean progress – economic capital, human capital and the practice of philanthropy. The Foundation believes that strategies to enhance these forms of capital must include many approaches, but one which Belizean American business persons are uniquely capable of leading is investment in our own community through coordinated philanthropy and targeted corporate partnership.


Belize Cultural Foundation is focusing its efforts on enhancing human capital, education, and strategic philanthropy to promote the advancement of the Belizean American community and improve the quality of life in Belize and the United States. In the area of Human Capital, the organization plans to contribute to various Educational Funds in Belize and the United States. We will continue our collaboration with the various schools in Belize and seek to initiate other meaningful educational programs. Through this program we plan to honor Belizean Americans who practice charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles for the benefit of Belizeans.

Our History

Since its formation, the foundation has practiced significant charitable responsibilities. In its first year, BCF assisted Consul General’s Office in Los Angeles, and cooperated with certain Belizean NGO’s, and private individuals to raise funds for Hurricane Relief. Funds raised provided aid to the Belizean people in the Southern Districts which was devastated by Hurricane Iris.

BCF actively participated in assisting and supporting the Long Distance Education Program in association with the University of Belize, The Belize Alliance of Social Services (“BASS”) and Consul General’s Office in Los Angeles.

BCF’ donations to special organizations in Belize include “Youth for the Future”, “University of Belize”, “Help Age” and “Brite Smiles”. Donations included but were not limited to medical supplies and equipment, hi-speed copiers, elementary school furniture for various villages, dental and other supporting materials. Additionally, hi-speed copiers were donated to the Public Library in Orange Walk, the Presbyterian School in San Antonio District, (Cayo) and the Presbyterian School in Concepcion.

BCF participated in discussions with NDACC to fund projects by the end of the year to supply the center with clothing, books, computers, air-condition units, and a detox machine. The Drug Abuse Control Center in Corozal focuses on rescuing young Belizeans from drug addictions and provides education to adults about safe sex.

In March of 2004, BCF fully sponsored the BCF Youth Soccer Leagues under the auspices of the National Drug Abuse Control Council (“NDACC”) in the Northern District of Corozal. The Youth Soccer League program is fully funded by Belize Cultural Foundation.


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